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OT in Schools

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pencil & bookOTs in the school are here to assist students in learning how to use their skills to the fullest to help them do their "job" of being a student. This can entail increasing fine motor skills, visual skills, perceptual skills, and activities of daily living that affect school function.

Learning Disability Resources: MOVED but not gone!

Activity Resources

Fit to be tied: The infamous problem of shoe tying!

Evaluation tools used in schools

These are just a sample of tools I use for evaluation- if you have any others that you find useful- please let me know!

Understanding Tests and Measurements for the Parent and Advocate- from LD on-line

Handwriting Areas

OT address handwriting relative to fine motor, visual motor, perceptual skills, and sensory motor-- a student may have poor penmanship, but it may not necessarily be an OT issue! There are many strategies teachers and parents can easily try to remediate handwriting problems from an OT perspective. Communication and consistency between school and home is a great foundation and can make the following resources extremely useful.